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Monday, 29 August 2011

The Beast behind the Busk

There's ringing in my ears and one song in particular running through my head again, and again.. oh and again. No, I haven't been out partying, I've been out busking. That one song that is going around in my head is the song that got the most money. At the end of the day, I'm there for a reason (hopefully being temporary) but I need money. I'm a sucker to the public requests for now, and even though I go out with a set list of 30 songs, around 5 are so popular I have to play them again and again.... they are my favourites though, so I suppose I can't hold it against you.

Have you ever thought about that face you pull when you walk past a busker, do you remember the face you pulled today when you walked past me? Because I do. The disgust, the nodding appreciation, or just a knowing smile. I remember them all. The sad thing is (as a musician I'm meant to be thick skinned.. but I'm human after all) is that I remember the disgusted face more than any other. Maybe you didn't know you were doing it, maybe it was cold, or maybe the wind changed one disgusting day, either way... I saw it... it affected me... I remember it.... You may know music, you may not like what you hear, or maybe you just don't like my song choice... at the end of the day, Im there, Im playing.. Im putting myself out there, you're not..

I can hardly type my fingers are raw. You may have seen me busking in London today... six solid hours of playing.. oh wait, no not solid. I did have to stop once as my batteries ran out on my amp, and once as I got threatened with an ASBO.
YES, ME, threatened with an ASBO! The joys of busking apparently being illegal... if you knew me, or even took one look at me this would be a notion that just seems slightly ridiculous, especially in the wake of the riots where yobs are breaking into shops, other people's houses and even setting fire to vehicles... but no.. its me getting an asbo warning... such is life I suppose.

However, this has been far too negative in explaining my experience so far... there have been some very amusing moments... huddling under a tiny umbrella trying to keep my equipment dry whilst still playing obviously... money, rent and bills don't stop for rain so why should I.. however, it soon got far too heavy (the rain that is). That was a blessing in disguise though, the frequent showers of rain on my first day mean I'm a dab hand at packing up all of my equipment within a minute flat...great when the police come.....
There's also the other people that you wouldn't probably notice if you just wander through london. I've found a network of people that all help each other out, street sellers who whistle and gesture at the others if they see trouble coming. People that for some reason seem to want to help me out, and protect me if anyone threatens me, one of the hazards of being in a static place. Three boys on bikes yesterday tried to run me over, unfortunately I didn't see them coming, lucky for them as I didn't have my decent violin on me, I have no qualms with using my crappy one to push thugs off their bikes... (JOKE... ..sort of).

But all in all four busking experiences, each day brings something new. I can't believe the brilliant response I've had so far though, and it's all practice.. my fingers and arms will get stronger.. their going to have to because I intend to do this more often.... (and my legs, as I try to avoid getting caught.....)


I had to rethink my position on busking... well location at least. From the city I had to move onto Millenium Bridge, however, turns out when the wind blows it's not exactly easy to carry on playing while you're clinging to the side to stop from blowing away. Also turns out, Sean Kingston's Beautiful Girls has the word suicidal in so many times, not great to play on a bridge. I sometimes wonder whether the music I play is romantic or depressing... again, not great for a bridge.

So I moved. 

nearly got blown off millenium bridge today.. on the upside I now have a new pitch... only have to run from the council 2 times a day rather than police 5 times a day....

To opposite the Tate Modern. Although that means I have acquired a whole new set of friends. There's Terry the binman, Bill the Big Issue Seller, the crazy guys that sell icecream and I can NOT forget Norman. Norman is the council worker. 
I have a new best friend, his name is Norman, Norman loves my playing so much he comes running when he hears me, just a shame I have to run from him, oh Norman...He's very sneaky. 

Norman threatened to throw me in the river if he saw me again, I sought police advice they told me I can't have him done for stalking... That's not how a best friend should behave :( sad day

What's the difference between romantic &depressing music, although these people seem to appreciate my romantic music I am next to a bridge

Does anyone have a small child I could borrow/rent to dance infront of me when I play? It apparently aids people giving me money...

Another fun filled day busking. Tiny spanish girl dancing infront of me for about an hour, then came and told me that she "very much enjoyed my music, thank you" I must say the Romanian accordian player should learn English from her, he is still insisting on speaking to me in Romanian and kissing me as much as possible, then got a note in French about my playing (I miss getting notes).. but no sign of Norman... I miss him..

People must think Im a right weirdo busking..tears pouring down my face to Turn back the Hands of Time..Im not its man flu (the deadly sort)

Need more music for busking..Ali G in Da House is perhaps not best programme for inspiration,Jungle Is Massive is tomorrows main song so far

Monday, 22 August 2011

Do you come here often?

Why kill two birds with one stone when you can train them up and hone their skills to work for you.... 

Maybe I contacted you in regards to working together in music, or maybe you've seen me busking, maybe you're interested in my secretarial/consulting work. Either way welcome-lovely to have you here.

Everyone knows how tough the music industry is, so while I work to become the top UK violinist I've been working for myself in a consultancy role. If that is why you are here, then please see a brief summary of my skill set below. If you're here for the music, have a gander through the tabs above, under music you can find links for my recordings. I'm interested in working with and for producers, DJs and can provide an entertaining show for corporate occasions, nightclubs and you can also find me busking on the streets of London.

RLC Consulting:
Save on agency fees and employ me directly.

I have over eight years of experience within administrative roles, PA and secretarial roles.

Jun. 2008 BSc. Hons. - Music and Psychology 
Jun. 2007 TESOL Certificate - Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 
Audio Typing Speed: 60 wpm
Copy Typing Speed: 90 wpm
Word Excellent
Powerpoint Good
Edexcel Good
French        A Level/ Very good conversational
KiSwahili  Conversational/ Basic Reading ability 

I have spent the past two and a half years within a Headhunting role. I have experience within the Oil and Gas industry and can provide company mapping, research, headhunting and interim secretarial work for when your team are on holiday or even day to day cover for illness. 

You can find further information about my previous work experience on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/rachelcoyle

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information, quotes and booking interim cover, however short the notice - rachelc85@live.co.uk

Many thanks.