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Friday, 10 June 2011

You don't ask, you don't get!

 Life is a flowing river, mine seems to have turned into rapids... good rapids though - fast flowing, where Im in a massive boat with a few certain people making sure I don't overturn or fall out. 

After the success of the opening of Cafe del Mar in the Dominican Republic, myself and DJ Kerol K are moving forwards at a 'rapid' rate. It was only last Friday that 'House of Strings' had our first gig together in London and something just clicked. Suddenly everything came together, Kerol's mixes were better, we were more together, knowing what each other are capable of and knowing how to keep a set together and progressive. We ended up doing various mash ups and mixes and it all just worked. 

Tuesday, Zebrano's had Greek Streets got Talent. This really proved if you don't ask you don't get. An impromptu visit, a bump into the manager and a cheeky ask to play later, we were sorted. Stood on top of a huge podeum in front of the DJ booth in 'that' black dress everyone seemed to love it. Keep in touch for more info about playing more at Zebranos. A LOT more to come. There's also a cheeky little set up on the horizon for 'House of Strings' to play in Canary Wharf, suddenly everything has come together.

Two days to prepare to get out to Ibiza and people are coming to US to ask us to do gigs... I never expected the music life to come together so quickly, but now it is I'm grabbing every opportunity possible.

What's even more exciting... ?? House of Strings will be organising a WORLD TOUR as soon as we get back from Ibiza!!!!! As soon as anything is set you will be the first to hear! And a lot of more opportunities to come for the summer.... 
Life is a river, and Im on course, taking every opportunity to become an unstoppable force.
The signs keep coming, open your eyes, so much to gain you could be surprised.