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Monday, 28 February 2011

The age old To Do list..and a little inspiration on the side

My mind is racing my hands are tied, I can't sleep so in you I confide. New blogs up for all to see, let me know thoughts, for all they may be. This rhyme is shocking but what do you expect its, two in the morning, so ...bugger...

Why is it that when you know you have an early morning and lots to do the minute  your head hits the pillow your mind races.... 
All these ideas and thoughts of what I want to achieve and how I'm going to do it come to the front of my mind and wont leave until I write them down, or do something about it... so lucky you, you get to witness my to do list, at least this way I have to do it or I just look an idiot...?? (for once, of course..that's the idiot bit not the to do bit)

So, I wanted to share some of my inspiration first. The things that I look at or think about and think, I want to be that beautiful person, I want to create those images or bring them to people's attention. Those little things that make you want to be a better person...

I absolutely LOVE Nuttin But Stringz, this was something that first gave me the idea of mixing with a DJ, produce something live that is a mix of classical, modern, house, rnb or hiphop. I want everything I do to have a reason, every song we play to have a meaning and a reason for playing it. 

And then there are particular songs and images that just get me every time...

I think this has to be the most moving piece of music...

and soundtracks that I just think are incredible.. like Hans Zimmer (although I do feel for Pirates of the Caribbean he just copied and pasted in the Gladiator theme and stuck in a few extra notes. . however, that rant is for another day, this song inspires me so much to work, get up and do what I say I will) Probably shouldn't listen to this right now as it will just mean I have to get up and start doing things, counterproductive to tomorrows endeavours.. 

Anyway, on that note, on to my to do list! 

Life of a musician is always go, so why should I be any different.
The promotional material we need has a long way to go, but I guess the website is done so that's a start, just need to keep building on this now. 
I always think it's good to work with people's strengths, and I'm surrounded (and very lucky to be) by talented people. When I think of what we need and who I know who can provide that, I'm overwhelmed by how many people I know that are so amazing at what they do. 

There's my cousin, Sarah, who is a fabulous editor of film and tv, and we're going to get her to make a video for us, I'm so excited as I know how good she is, and she will obviously do her best to make us look amazing... (to be honest, if this lack of sleep is anything to go by I will need the best of the best to make me look alive... speaking of which, I do need to find a good makeup artist)

Then there's my friend's Fiance, Darren, who is an amazing producer and sound engineer, need to get together with him to see what we can do in order to get this music I keep going on about out there. Then there are things like Logos, I was lucky enough to meet through Kerol, a friend of her's, Pabblo, who produces some amazing pieces of art work, that's our logo sorted and then for promotional photos.... I have found a wonderful photographer who is going to do our photo-shoot next week. Can't wait for all of that, then we just need to get everything together and get ourselves out there. . . SIMPLE EH! 

All that and a job to hold down, I really had better get some sleep.. there's only so much a photographer can do to get rid of bags under the eyes...

I really feel this is our time, with the right amount of input and material, the best people to help us get on our way and stay there, and that feeling and drive inside to keep going on what we know is the right path, however many obstacles it throws in our way....

So maybe it is fitting to end with this:

To succeed, you need to take that gut feeling in what you believe and act on it with all of your heart. 
       - Christy Borgeld

Rant over.... Bed time... 

Monday, 7 February 2011

Inspiring Insanity

We're slowly getting into business. I love my life at the moment, it's so busy and hectic but so relaxed and calm at the same time. I quit my job just before Christmas to become a musician and it has to be one of the best decisions I ever made. NO REGRETS is my theory. I'd rather regret something I did than regret something I should have done. So, the checklist is getting longer, but I'm getting used to it, part business woman, part musician, trying to be superwoman. Positive thinking gets us everywhere, soon I'm going to flyyyyy......

Ok, so first port of call.... I got bored of trying to find a cheap recording studio... SO I decided to do my own recording, that's how Mr. Bieber started out isn't it!?
Bare in mind, home recording, a technophobe (that's me) editing it and putting it to film.... oh that could be a very bad combination...

Let me know what you think!


Second port of call Website... well CHECK - here you are reading it!

Third - Business Cards... this took a fair bit of consideration, something to show of my soon to be wonderwoman side.... they needed to be business like but still creative. What do you think?

Now onwards and upwards to making a few recordings, videos, more photoshoots and press kits..... and cup of tea time, after all, I'm still technically a lady of leisure... 

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Sweet Dreams are Made of These

So.... the age old question... who am I?

No I'm not a teenager in the midst of working out what I want out of life and I'm not having a midlife crisis.

I know who I am and I know what I want. I'm Ray Louise Coyle and I want to be a musician. I suppose that is all you need to know for now, the rest is an eventful adventure of how I got here and where I am going.

So, are you ready? Then I shall begin...

Born in Leicester I began playing the violin at the age of four.. yes ladies and gentleman, I could read music before I could read, so I suppose that is where it began. And to cut a *ahem* very *well not very, I'm only 26* long story short, here I am, still playing the violin and now a member of the newest, sexiest girl group, Divas on Decks - Ibiza.

Sweet Dreams are Made of These - this epitomises my aspirations and experiences so far I feel, Annie Lenox definitely got it right:

Sweet Dreams are Made of These
Who am I to disagree
Travelled the world and the seven seas
Everybody's looking for something

So it is here, that I explain/work out exactly what I have been looking for and how I'm going to work it all out.

Keep updated to how I got here and the adventures that have happened along the way. Stay posted for more updates soon, this lady needs her beauty sleep....